Hello and welcome to Gale Davison Photography! Gale has been exhibiting fine art nature photographs since 1989 in local art shows using local production partners. She began printing her fine art images as cards on her own archival ink printer in 2016. She sold them at Selah Tea Cafe in Waterville in late 2018, offering limited selections of larger prints for wall decor in 2019. In late 2020 she opened up an Etsy Shop to make it easier for customers to purchase her handmade blank greeting cards.

She wants to combine writing with her photography. Here is one of her images for which she just recently created an accompanying poem; check out the BLOGS menu to keep up with her photography and writing. The “Shop” button will take you immediately to her Etsy Shop.

White bird feather floating on lake with large water drop resting inside portion floating on the water. Stem is caught on pickerel weed holding it up at an angle above the water.
White Feather Floating in the Belgrade marsh in Maine

This image is featured in her current blog post.