Nine examples of the blank cards I offer for sale
From right to left.
Top row titles: New Harbor Lobster Traps, Oil Lamp in Window, Red Maple Leaf on Birch Bark
Middle Row: Datura, Crystalized Field Flowers, North East Asters
Bottom Row: Autumn Leaves, Pink Buoys, Trapped
Colored Borders no longer available, Borders are white

How can you order my cards?

  • Email me at I offer cards directly from my home in Waterville for $5.00 each or discounted prices for bundles of 5 or 10 cards. I can mail them to you if you aren’t from my area or you can pick them up from my home if you want to avoid shipping charges. 

Prices without shipping charges or sales tax added:

  • Single cards are $5.00 each
  • Bundles of   5 are $20.00 ($4.00 each)
  • Bundles of 10 are $35.00 ($3.50 each)
  • Bundles of 12 are $42.00
  • Sets of 10 in gift boxes are $37.00
  • Sets of 12 in gift boxes are $44.00

What retail stores carry them?

  • I am not planning on offering them at retail outlets for 2020 due to the uncertainty involved with travel during the Covid-19 Crisis.
  • They had been offered at Selah Tea on Main Street in Waterville and the Pemaquid Collection was available from the Framemakers at 46 Main Street in Waterville until September 12, 2020.
  • More retail outlets in the future.

How are my cards created?

  • I print them myself using archival ink and paper on my Epson SureColor 800 Printer.
  • I use Red River pre-scored papers in matte finishes which makes the cards a pleasure to write on.

How will you find out about new cards being offered for sale?

  • Let me know you want to be added to my email list ( to be contacted when I produce new cards or prints for sale.
  • I promise I won’t be emailing you more than once per month

Why do I want to create cards with my images?

I enjoy the process of printing my images because it forces me to look more closely at the difference between what the camera captured and how my brain saw the image. I see things in my images my conscious mind was unaware of at the time I clicked the shutter. Printing allows me to adjust the final image to emphasize the elements I want to share. I enjoy the tasks involved with choosing framing materials whether its creating custom colored borders, matching pre-ordered colored mats, or finding suitable frames to enhance the look of my images.

Cards are small, affordable and easy to store. I can experiment with many more alternative border, cropping or toning choices and obtain faster feedback than with enlargements.