How can you order more?

  • Email me. I offer cards directly from my home in Waterville. I can mail them to you if you aren’t from my area.
  • Eventually, I’ll have a shopping cart on this website.

What retail stores carry them?

  • They are at Selah Tea, 177 Water Street, Waterville, Maine                                         (
  • Eventually, they will be offered on this website.
  • More retail outlets in the future.

How are my cards created?

  • I print them myself using archival ink and paper on my Epson 3880 Ultrachrome Printer.
  • I use Red River pre-scored papers in matte or canvas finishes.

How will you find out about new cards being offered for sale?

  • Let me know you want to be notified when I produce new cards or prints for sale.
  • I promise I won’t be emailing you more than once per month

Why do I want to create cards with my images?

I enjoy the process of printing my images because it forces me to look more closely at the difference between what the camera captured and how my brain saw the image. I see things in my images my conscious mind was unaware of at the time I clicked the shutter. Printing allows me to adjust the final image to emphasize the elements I want to share. I enjoy the tasks involved with choosing framing materials whether its creating custom colored borders, matching pre-ordered colored mats, or finding suitable frames to enhance the look of my images.

Cards are small, affordable and easy to store. I can experiment with many more alternative border choices and obtain faster feedback than with enlargements.