What would name this picture?

I  named  this  image  of the center of a Red Zinnia, Lady  Labyrinth.  What  would  you  name it? Red Zinnia closeup of inner petals in pinwheel pattern showing clear yellow contrast with unfurling inner petals.



Alternative lawns for Photographers


It’s gardening season and every year at this time I work on converting another section of my lawn into naturalized flower gardens. The benefit for me is having flowers at my yard-tips for photography. I don’t have to drive to public gardens to find excellent specimens and I can cut them to bring them into better lighting conditions for my camera. These ox-eye daisies spread into my lawn and I leave them to grow undisturbed until June.

The no-mow movement is growing and there are many articles and seed resources for learning how to do your conversions and finding seeds to do it. You might want to check out a great article from the NRDC [National Resource Defense Council] on converting lawns.


Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021. How do you want to celebrate today’s holiday? Will you take the day off from work? Will you travel to someplace special? Will you take the time to get out into your yard? Will you delete all the Earth Day sales and requests for donations from your email folder? Will you create your own set of sacred rituals to honor the Earth and all animals and plants life that co-inhabit our world?

I went out into my gardens with my iPhone to record the surprise snowfall on my spring flowers. The upright daffodils of yesterday have been pressed to the ground by the weight of the light but heavy crystals of early morning snow flurries. At times the wind blew the snow through the yard as though it were a true winter blizzard. It looked as though nature was streaking the view of my yard  with “white out” to erase the details beyond my windows.

Daffodils bent over from weight of snow.
Spring Daffodils after snow flurry.

Longfellow’s Cabin Fever Exhibit a success

Gale Davison’s Booth attracts many customers. My friends Jody and Rosemary stopped by while attending the show to look through my many cards and matted prints. I am excited by my volume of sales because it was the first show of the season and the first show I’ve participated in for over almost 10 years. I will be planning more shows this year and will post them on my website.