Pine Tree Amendment LD 489 for Maine

Dear Representative/Senator,

My name is Gale Davison. I am an artist and retired LCSW living in Waterville, Maine. I am writing to ask for your support of the Pine Tree Amendment, LD 489, Resolution, Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Maine to establish a right to a Healthy Environment. 

My favorite place in Maine is out on wilderness trails because when I am out on them I can hear the birds sing, feel the fresh air on my face, and see wonderful things I like to photograph to share with others. 

I’m worried, very worried that American beliefs in the efficacy of profits will endanger the health and well being of Mainers to thrive as individuals and communities. I’m anxious about the loss of habitat for wild plants, animals and fish. I fear that current practices of using fossil based fuels for heating and cooling, plastics for food storage and packaging, and allowing extractive industries to mine Maine’s water and other natural resources will perilously impair my grandchildren (and yours) to enjoy healthy lives free of cancer and other medically based disabilities over their lifetimes. 

I am EXCITED about the Pine Tree Amendment because it would establish a foundation to protect the health of the people of Maine by granting them the right to a healthy environment. It would protect the many businesses that rely on the wild quality of Maine’s soils, rivers, and forests. It would benefit the ecological habitats of Maine helping our plants, insects, birds, animals, and fish proliferate.

I want you to vote YES on LD 489 for me, my children, my grandchildren and all the people in Maine. 

Respectfully, Gale Davison

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