Return to Fifth House Lodge


I visited Fifth House Lodge in February 2012 for a two day personal writing/photography retreat. I loved the quiet solitude of the Lodge, wrote many pages, and took numerous photographs. You will find more in the gallery. The Lodge was filled with heart rocks, white walls and great energy for creativity.

I’m returning for the Women’s Writing Workshop over the summer. Joan Lee Hunter, writing coach, and owner of Fifth House Lodge informs me that the tattered clothesline that caught my fascination has been replaced with new line. Good thing I took it when I saw it!

I’ve learned how to straighten my original of this photo below of my shadow silhouette in the window reflections superimposed on a watercolor print on the wall of one of the Lodge’s bedrooms. This one shows how the specific camera settings in Adobe Lightroom can straighten problems with parallax.


I am looking forward to returning this summer and discovering what else will unfold.

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