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A Light in the Woods

Each month The Portland Press Herald invites people to participate in a community storytelling project hosted by the Maine Sunday Telegram  Meetinghouse Opinion Page; I decided to share a funny story from my childhood. I didn’t submit the image above for the online post on March 14 or for the print publication on March 17, 2019. But for this blog post I went searching through my archives to find an image to match the mystery of that night.

Here is the beginning of the story:

I’m with my best friend Sherry and my younger sister. We’ve walked a mile with Sherry to her home so that Sherry can collect her things to spend the night at my house. It’s dusk. I’m 14.

There are no street lamps. The backyards face into miles of woods. The interior lights from the houses we pass barely penetrate the gloom of the falling darkness.

To read the rest, check out the link to the Portland Press Herald story:

Unidentified object identified

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