Yarmouth online Art Festival


Dawn on Monhegan Island at the Lighthouse grounds. Nice yellow pink clouds in the sky.
Monhegan Lighthouse Dawn II. 13.5 x 10.5 ” image on Red River Polar Matte Paper. 20 x 16″ single mat. 20 x 16″ Black Metal Kit Frame.

The 2020 Yarmouth Art Festival is usually held in St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in Yarmouth and 30% of proceeds benefit the church. But this year it will be online and available to the public to view and purchase framed pieces of photography or paintings starting October 19 and ending October 31. Pickup from St. Bartholomew’s will occur between November 4-6.

Three of the ten images I submitted for inclusion were accepted. Members of the Waterville Area Art Society were encouraged to submit pieces and I am happy that I am one of three members whose work was accepted.

Monhegan Lighthouse Dawn II pictured above was taken at 5am or so in June 2019. I would have loved to have returned again this year but dare not with Covid-19 risks still present despite the low numbers in Maine.

White bird feather floating on lake with large water drop resting inside portion floating on the water. Stem is caught on pickerel weed holding it up at an angle above the water.
#2 Feather Drop. 13.5 x 10.5″ image on Red River Polar Matte Paper. 20 x 16″ Single Mat. 20 x 16 ” Metal Black Kit Frame.

Feather Drop pictured above has already sold once before this year. It is from a kayak trip into the Belgrade Marsh in August 2019.

Kelp on beach sand with star like sparkles reflecting sunlight from bright orange brown kelp.
Stars in the Kelp. Printed 2020. 13.5 x 10.5 ” image on Red River Polar Matte Paper. 20 x 16 ” acid free mat. 20 x 16″ Black Metal Kit Frame.

Stars in the Kelp is an image I re-edited and reprinted this year. It was originally taken in April 2019. There are several different renditions of it including one in B&W. One of the earlier versions sold at Longfellow’s Cabin Fever Exhibit in February this year.

I am thrilled to be included in this year’s Yarmouth Art Festival!

Let me know which one of these prints you like best.


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